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Deathstroke & Demon Knights impressions

These are my GetGlue check-ins for comics from yesterday. Tumblr post here.

All are for DC Comics’ The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Spoilers, obv.

Deathstroke #1:

Deathstroke is huge in this style. You can draw people big and badass without making them a behemoth.

I can't believe he just shot down the team. At first I thought he thought they'd just end up getting themselves killed, but it was more about his own pride having to work with such 'teenagers'.

Demon Knights #1:

Hehe, "Sod this.".

The 'queen' made me think of Lady Loki (Marvel) looks-wise.

Oh, Vandal Savage!

I think I'm going to read the Wikipedia entry on Jason Blood to get a bit more info.

"My cods say that's no man." Rofl the language they use in this comic. XP

Sir Ystin reminds me of Gilgamesh from Fate/zero with that sense of entitlement and arrogance.

Whoa, so Xanadu is with Etrigan and tricking Jason. Well that won't go over well at all~

I really enjoyed this issue.

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Catwoman and DC Comics Presents impressions

These are my GetGlue check-ins for comics from yesterday. Tumblr post here.

All are for DC Comics’ The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Spoilers, obv.

Catwoman #1:

The art is a bit too gratuitous for me.

Pandora sighting on page 07. Also a drunk guy wearing a bra. XD

I like Selina's disguise.

Kinky costume sex, woo. When you think about it, secret identities really encourage it. =P

DC Comics Presents #1:

Deadman again.

I think the more comics I read, the more confused I am going to get about where I read things.

Pandora on page...03.

I think the idea of living in another's shoes is a good idea, even though it's not for a lifetime to truly understand where a person is coming from.

I enjoyed this issue!

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Blackhawks and Blue Beetle impressions

These are my GetGlue check-ins for comics from yesterday. Tumblr post here.

All are for DC Comics’ The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Spoilers, obv.

Blackhawks #1:

I like Kunoichi. Wonder what’s the story behind her nickname?

Random alien appearance on page 08. They’re always in the middle of superhero business, or near enough to it. Sometimes they’re even looking directly at an action, like in this one. I think sometimes they could be the same person, but sometimes it’s a guy instead of a girl, or a different colored or styled robe.

I wonder what Kunoichi’s backstory is like that she would ignore her injuries and risk permanent issues like that (nanocites! oh boy). And why didn’t Wildman think it was serious when she started, you know, steaming?

Just read about who the ‘random alien’ is in every #1 issue. Not sure if it’s her in all of the appearances but maybe. It’d make sense.

Blue Beetle #1:

I think they forgot to draw Brenda’s clip in panel three of page 10.

I don’t mind languages being utilized in stuff if it fits, but still, when I have no idea what they’re saying most of the time, it’s confusing.

Oh hey, Pandora on page 18.

I’m a little confused why #0 ends where it does but #1 seems to start with retelling Jaime’s origin again?

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Batwing, Batwoman and Birds of Prey impressions

These are my GetGlue check-ins for comics for today. Plus a few snapshots of panels I liked, either for the art or writing.

All are for DC Comics’ The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Spoilers, obv.

Batwing #1:

I really like Ben Oliver's art. And Brian Reber's coloring. I just love this comic in general. :D

Oh hey, another random alien appearance on page 17.

Batwoman #1:

Creepy intro! Kinda reminds me of the episode "La Llorona" of Grimm... No wonder, it's based off of that same urban legend. XD.

Wait, what happened to Montoya?

Not sure I like Kate's coloring, she looks like a ghoulish doll. I don't mind the paleness and the contrast with red, but this is beyond that.

I had to look up Bette Kane, never read her before in the preboot. Wonder if she'll stick around for a while?

I really like the last page, Batwoman and Batman are shiny in the same panel!

Birds of Prey #1:

I'd seriously like to know what's with all the random aliens now. There's one on page 09 of this issue.

Babs about Dinah and Ev: "You two make quite the couple."

Lol makes me think of Matt [from Teen Wolf] saying similar about Stiles and Derek: "You two make a pretty good pair." But perhaps in both instances it's not meant as a compliment. XD; But sometimes comments like that turn out to be pretty true.

Uh-oh, what an ending! Dinaaah. x_x I don't think they realized how bad the situation was. If Babs had been more involved maybe she'd have caught it. Still trying to figure out why Dinah didn't realize something was going on though. Seriously, a death threat with a kiss? Suspicious!

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Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman and Robin and Batman Inc. impressions

These are my GetGlue check-ins for comics for today. Tumblr post here.

All are for DC Comics' The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Spoilers, obv.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1:

Bruce's speeches are pretty revealing. If he can say things like, "I'm not afraid to go into dark places", why couldn't he be Batman? Does anyone ever wonder that? Maybe I just haven't read all that he's done to divert attention away from that idea.

...Why do villains get to keep their clothes in prison?

Why does near every action pose with a woman have to have them showing both their backside and boobs? o_O Frankly, it looks painful.

Batman and Robin #1:

Eeek poor Moscow Batman! I hope Bruce notices his disappearance, although it's too late to save him.

Hmm, it's good that Bruce is changing the date he honors his parent's memory. But will it stick?

Another random alien sighting on page...14?

Oh Damian, you are too much. Also, I prefer him calling people by their last names - it suits him.

Batman Incorporated #1:

Eww, blood and slaughter.

ROFL at Damian in this. "As of now I'm a vegetarian. And this is Bat-cow." I gotta find a post with that image so I can reblog it.

Just like a kid to point out that "well Grayson let me do this," or "well Grayson never got onto me for that..."

Lol I love how they look at each other on page 15. "Looks like your mother's trying to get my attention again."

On page 19 there's yet another random alien appearance.

What an issue!

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Batgirl and Batman impressions

These are my GetGlue check-ins for comics for today. Tumblr post here.

All are for The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Spoilers, obv.

Batgirl #1:

Whew, good to see Batgirl arrive in the nick of time.

Aw, she has a Batman poster on her door. XP

Hmm so it's been at least 3 years since the injury.

Lol, I don't think Stiles (from Teen Wolf) has anything on Babs - she's even following her dad's text alerts.

Why are these cops acting like amateurs?

Oh man, poor Babs. I think she has issues to work through before she's really back in the game. :/

Batman #1:

Another random alien sighting on page 03.

It's sad to think of a place like Gotham, where in an instant a happy family can be decimated just like that. How are there still any good people left there?

Lol, Dick as the Joker, scary. =P It was actually pretty obvious from the get-go, but maybe that's I think I read about it before in one of the tags... Still, can't mistake those moves.

What an ending! The Court of Owls definitely set that up.

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Animal Man and Aquaman impressions

These are my GetGlue check-ins for comics (from yesterday). Not gonna go back and post the #0 ones. Tumblr post here.

All are for The New 52 unless stated otherwise. Spoilers, obv.

Animal Man #1:

Wow, it's tough having a family and being a superhero.

Wonder what's with Buddy's eyes?

Also, spoiled kids! Look at all them stuffed animals.

Man, it'd be so cool to be able to take on the ability to nap like a cat. No fair.

It'd be really bad if something happened to Buddy's family...

What a creepy dream and what happened after, that doesn't look good at all!

Aquaman #1:

All the t-shirts and figurines...I'd say it was advertising if the stuff wasn't from DC Comics itself.

I...feel sorry for Aquaman, it reminds me too much of what celebrities go through. I do get that people just want to know more about him, but surely that information is online somewhere. Google it!

Eeek those creatures are scary.

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New 52 #0

I finished all the #0 issues for the New 52. I meant to only list a few of the ones I liked the most, but...*cough* This happened. Tumblr post here.

I went in almost completely a newbie. I know more about some characters/events than others, but I still don't know a lot of background stuff. Such as for Flashpoint. So I also didn't have too much bias beforehand.

Really liked:

Batman and Robin: I hadn't read Damian until this and I found him really interesting here.
Batman Incorporated: Liked the humor and interesting themes.
Batgirl: Interesting, but had to keep reminding myself not to compare Barbara to pre-New 52 Babs.
Aquaman: Like the idea.
Batwing: Interesting setting, different from what I'm used to, I like the character.
Batwoman: Made me tear up, liked the look of the character and her backstory.
Blue Beetle: I kept saying "interesting" aloud, so that's something.
Worlds' Finest: I like how Helena and Kara came to meet, they're cute together. Was a bit confused about Earth Two though. It's for the Golden Age, and Silver Age is Earth One. But I know of lot of crises happen and something to do with merging, so how can these two Earths still be around? And what's the modern day Earth called - both pre and post New 52? @_@ I think post-IC is 'New Earth/Earth-0' so maybe New 52 is still is as well.
Legion of Super-heroes: Really liked the feel of it. Somehow reminded me of Young Heroes in Love.
Stormwatch: I haven't finished pre-New 52 The Authority/Stormwatch yet so I'm missing some info, but I really enjoyed this issue.
Wonder Woman: Was confused at the writing style at first until I realized it was a homage to Silver Age, but I quite liked it! Hope the rest is as good, though I'm probably not going to be big on the SM/WW aspect wherever that comes in.
Grifter, Voodoo and Team 7: Can be a bit confusing keeping them connected in my head (plus with Suicide Squad) but I found them all really interesting.
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E: Something totally different and entertaining!
Huntress #1/6: Liked the art and setting, looking forward to reading more to see what happens.
I, Vampire: I like paranormal themes so this was really interesting to me.
Green Lantern: Really felt for Simon and can't wait to see what happens with him.
Sword of Sorcery/Beowulf: Really enjoyed it, can't wait to read more! I like comics that stand out for their uniqueness. / Beowulf is scary but cool looking, interested in learning more about him.

I keep remembering more to add to this list (such as Talon and Timber Wolf) so I'd better just stop now.

I'll probably be confused all over again when I start on the #1's!

Least favorite:

Captain Atom: Art not my favorite, had a hard time getting through the story.
Catwoman: It was okay, I'm just not sure I like the portrayal or art.
Red Lanterns: Too dark for me, but I'm still going to try #1.
Static Shock: I read about why it got cancelled and stuff before reading, which was a bad idea. I had a hard time getting through it even though it wasn't bad.

Helped me to understand some things:

The DCU entry @ TVTropes
Wikipedia entries: Multiverse, The New 52, Earth-Two
The Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe

Plus I read Wikipedia entries on characters when I got confused.

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New writing prompt generators

Just finished making some new prompt generators, this time for Teen Wolf.

For the pairing ones, I do crack and non-crack generators with various configurations (m/f, m/m, f/f and threesomes). Note that the non-crack pairings are all based on what I've seen and may not align with your experience.

For the character generator, I'll probably later add the option to choose two or three characters to generate instead of just one.

                                           Keitorin's Generators


Character + Theme:

Laura Hale, claim

Erica, lost

Chris Argent, family

Pairing + Theme: Crack:

Erica/Allison, bow (All)

Boyd/Lydia, proud (Het)

Matt/Peter, clock (Slash)

Laura Hale/Erica, dual (Femslash)

Scott/Chris Argent/Derek, photo (Threesomes)

Pairing + Theme: Non-Crack:

Scott/Isaac, predator (All)

Jackson/Lydia, enable (Het)

Jackson/Danny, devil (Slash)

Pairing + Theme: Individual Pairings:

Derek/Stiles, clothes

Peter/Stiles, bitter

Scott/Isaac, position

Scott/Allison, motion